May 2023

London, UK

We aim to fill the gap we have identified in the region, as there is a current lack of quality family office conference offering the combination of high level networking and wide ranging relevant topics we are able to provide.

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About the summit

As the world takes great leaps into a new future from such a difficult period, it is our honour and delight to be back once again in the inspiring and ambitious centre of Europe. 

As ever, we will be bringing together the most prominent and active family offices in the region with those who wish to meet and work with them. 

Being a family office ourselves, our programme always accurately reflects the interests of family offices. This time we are covering not only investment related topics such as real estate and wealth preservation, but also issues of governance which are unique to family office structures. 

We will also look at the opportunities presented by informed investment in sport, not only opportunities to generate profit but also to have a meaningful impact on communities and even countries.

Likewise with sustainable investment, not only a buzzphrase but a game-changer in terms of benefits to humanity, and with cross-border collaborations between families that can transform relations between countries and present unique chances for growth and change. 

Among this packed programme you will have plenty of time for hosted and informal networking, which is one of the hallmarks of our in-person events for which there is simply no digital substitute. The event will gather more than 80 single family offices from Europe and the UK with our usual highly rewarding 70:30 split of family offices to service providers. We very much look forward to seeing you, and making up for lost time.

Our Story

The Alduaij family office has a long and glorious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces.

The Alduaij family business, Alea Global, has won several awards including The European Award, and the CEO Award two years running. Head of the family office, Mohammad Alduaij, has won the Man of the Year award for his work connecting other equally exciting and well-respected family offices around the world.

Through their networks, they have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together.

Mohammad Alduaij, has been a conference speaker for the past 10 years, appearing at events all over the world. It was during his time touring the conference circuit that Mohammad first thought of bringing together his conference experience, and his special insight into the world’s most prestigious family offices.

The result is a conference that unites family offices with each other, as well as giving businesses and entrepreneurs unprecedented access to this unique and powerful network.

Previous Speakers

Abdulla Al Gurg

Executive Chairman, Abdulla Al Gurg Global Investments, UAE

Steve Rigby

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Shareholder, Rigby Group Plc, UK

Gina Fyffe

CEO, Estate Holdings, UK & Singapore

H.S.H Princess Alessandra Silvestri von Bismarck

Bismarck Family Office, Europe

The Lord Mandelson

Co-founder and Chairman of Global Counsel, UK

Mohammad Al Duaij

CEO, Alea Global Group, Kuwait

Zita Nikoletta Verbényi

Founder & Legacy Aesthete, The Legacy Atelier

Christophe Giovannetti

President of Union Nations Federation & Ancilia Protec, France

Marta Albert

Principal, QG Family Office, UK

Helen Ellis-Smith

Manager, Wates Family Office, UK

Sandro Salsano

Chairman & President, Salsano Group, Global

Taz Sherwani

Director, Wates Family Office, UK

Sam Nallen Copley

Investment Manager, TruVenturo, UK & Germany

Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki

Chief Business Development Officer, Kuwait Life Sciences, Kuwait

Ibtisam Al Jashmi

Managing Partner, Sabeen Group, Sultanate Oman

Travis Bruffy

Venture Strategist, Ligo Partners, UK

Matt Oguz

CIO, Iris Family Office, Global

Jong Sang Choi

Head, Europe Investments, Samsung Ventures, UK

Tor Kristian Berge

Director, Real Carbon Technologies, Norway

Gian Marco Gilardi

CEO, Scorpion SAM, Monaco

Cecile Reinaud

European Co-Chair, Cherie Blair Foundation For Women, UK

Leah Zveglich

Founder, Aster COOP, USA

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meier

MBA Founding Partner, YZR Capital, Germany

Patrick Leoni Sceti

Founder, LSG Holdings, UK

Moe Vela

Co-Producer/Co-Star, Unicorn Hunters, USA

Philip Falzon Sant Manduca

CEO, Titanium Capital, UK

Sophia Shluger

Europe Managing Director, Amber Group, UK

Rasha Khawaja

The Toucan Project, Deputy of the Saïd Foundation, UK

Julien Lescs

Co-Founder, Kimpa, France

Harald Braunstein

Founder/CEO, NFQ Capital, Germany

Alex Konanykhin

CEO, Unicoin & Executive Producer, Unicorn Hunters Show, USA

Sean Kiernan

CEO, Greengage Global Holding, UK

Laura Hearn

Founder, The Laurel Agency, UK

Francisco Javier Piera Cerezuela

Founder, Successful Fund, Spain

Nainish Bapna


Ibrahim Alkurd

Founder, Lavaliere Capital Management (LCM), USA

Mohamed Badr

Alea Global Group, Kuwait

Davide Pagnotta

Co-Founder, Wise Humanity, UK

Bertrand Coste

Founder, Partner, Clerville Investment, UK

Christophe Badet

CEO, Personae Partners, France

Octavian Graf Pilati

Founding Member Family Hippocampus & Owner, CEO, Sub Humbra GmbH, Austria

Adel Al Awadhi

Executive Chairman, The Corporate Group, UAE

Bruno Doutrelepont

CEO, Even Keel Family, Ireland

Dr Claire Button

Co-CEO, Head of Life Sciences, UK

Alexander Fink

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Director, Fink Family Office, UK

Jeff Dyment

Founder, CEO, Lifetoken, UK

Bo Gustafson

CEO & Founder, Lenfa AB, Sweden

Mark McDermott

Senior Advisor & Vice President of Sales, EMEA Transparent Business & Unicorn Hunters, USA

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